Luxsim24 PRO Racing Simulator Platinum Plus Package

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The Luxsim24 PRO frame is constructed of aqua-cut aluminium and aluminium tubing. Without a single weld, this truly modular frame is perfect for adjusting and adding to. Finished in a high-quality powder coat to provide extra protection to the colour.


What's Included?

  • Luxsim24 PRO Frame
  • Paint Upgrade
  • Black Bolt Pack
  • Corbeau Revenge Carbon
  • Corbeau Harness
  • Luke Straps
  • Fanatec DD2 Wheel Base
  • GT1 Rim
  • Formula Rim
  • Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedals
  • Shifter
  • Handbrake
  • 4" Quad Motion System
  • Triple Display Stand
  • 3x 75" TV
  • Luxsim24 Platinum PC
  • 2 Year iRacing Subscription
  • Luxsim24 Platinum Plus Soundsystem
  • Tactile Feedback System
  • Delivery and On-Site Install


What is included with Delivery and On-Site Install?

The Luxsim24 will personally deliver and install your simulator in your chosen location, with a full setup and training on how to use your equipment. With the option to either arrive fully built or part built, your simulator will be able to be installed in even the trickiest of places.


Corbeau Seats

All Luxsim24 PRO packages come with an FIA Approved Corbeau racing seat to provide you comfort whilst you are competing with your opponents on the virtual track.


Luxsim24 PC

Luxsim24 build all PCs in house using high quality components to give you a PC setup that won’t disappoint. We will install all required drivers and software, with the configuration taken care of, meaning your PC will be ready to race on arrival. You will also receive a full back-up of the system.



All Luxsim24 PRO packages come with a 2-year subscription to iRacing. Race against professional racing drivers in an extremely competitive sim racing community. With 80+ cars and laser scanned tracks available iRacing has something for everyone across various disciplines of racing.



Motion is a great way to immerse yourself into sim racing. You will feel every bump, the rumble of the apex and even the elevation change of the track! With a speed of up to 280mm/s, this motion kit can replicate the fast response of a car’s suspension. The 200KG per actuator weight limit means that this kit has no issue with our lightweight aluminium frame so you can crank this kit up to feel up to 2G! The actuators operate almost silently, which is a vast improvement over the SCN motion kits available on the market.


Paint Upgrade and Black Bolt Pack

With a Luxsim24 Plus package you get a paint upgrade with more colour choices available over the standard package to you can make your simulator stand out from the rest. Your colour will be complimented by an anodised black bolt pack, a luxurious upgrade from the standard silver bolts.


Harness and Luke Straps

Strap yourself in and immerse your self in the world of sim racing! Fitted with a Corbeau harness this is the perfect complement to the FIA racing seat to give you the feeling of a race car. With 4 Luke tow straps bolted to your simulator it will not only give it more of a motorsport feeling, but will also provide easy lifting points – helping you to move the simulator for any necessary maintenance or cleaning in your home.