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The rig provided to me by the LuxSim24 team has completely changed my sim racing experience. They offer the most sturdy frames allowing you to forget about the worries of bending or overworking your simulator. They have a unique and authentic seating position which is fully adjustable, whilst giving you total immersion like you are in the car! They offer a wide range of equipment to further enhance your rig and improve the realism. A key and unique feature is the colour selection, you can specify a colour that you want the rig to be painted in, much better than bland metallic silver!

Ben Creanor 2019 Euro Nascar Driver

I ordered my custom LuxSim24 AM simulator and it has improved my sim racing enjoyment. The LuxSim24 team carried out the on-site installation and setup, so I was able to start setting lap times!


I recently got my Luxsim24 Pro Am rig delivered, far superior in quality to the rig I had before. Super sturdy, amazing build quality and lightweight enough to move whilst maintaining rigidity. The LuxSim24 team were a pleasure to deal with and all handmade in house in the UK!

Liam Browning Racing

Highly recommend my LuxSim24 Pro racing simulator. The team at LuxSim carried out a full and very professional onsite install and setup, going through my PC features, Sim racing programs and even helped me setup my Fanatec Direct Drive wheel with a base setup!